Our Farm

Our beginnings have been long and tiresome; there have been many failures, though a worthy experience”. George Aoun: Founder

After previous attempts on trying to establish an olive grove and a major setback that resulted in the loss of 4000 trees due to frosty conditions George did not give up. If he could just get it to establish and start growing, the grove would be up there with the best in quality.

He always knew that the colder the climate you can grow something, the better the quality by any measurement. His continued dedication in ensuring the trees remain healthy and constantly tending the land has produced a heaven on Earth, displaying thousands of Olive tress and hundreds of Cherry, Apricot and Almond trees.

Growing in a cold climate guarantees the best quality but has its risks. The frosty conditions in cold climate areas can be very unforgiving. After a very long acclimatisation and growing process, our trees have finally adapted to the harsh cold conditions the mountains display.

Due to the frosty conditions and elevation the end result is a fine, robust, Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Hand picked and Cold Pressed within hours to ensure all the goodness is locked in and supplied to you at its most premium form.