Step into the visual journey of Snowy Mountain Estate through our curated gallery. Witness the breath taking beauty of the Snowy Mountains, the meticulous care of our olive groves, and the craftsmanship behind our extra virgin olive oil production. Explore the farm where we cultivate cold-climate produce alongside our olives, and feel the warmth of the Snowy Mountain Estate experience through candid moments of gatherings and celebrations. These images offer a glimpse into the charm, authenticity, and dedication that define our estate, inviting you to enjoy the beauty, taste, and tradition of the Snowy Mountains.
  • A Family Dream

    George and Nick Aoun, the visionary founders of Snowy Mountain Estate, share a deep-rooted passion for crafting exceptional extra virgin olive oil that is as pure and pristine as the Snowy Mountains themselves.

  • Boutique Production

    At Snowy Mountain Estate, we take pride in our boutique production of extra virgin olive oil, a meticulous process that allows us to ensure the utmost quality and flavour in every bottle.

  • Our Nursery

    Our nursery at Snowy Mountain Estate serves as the heart of our olive grove, nurturing the growth of young olive trees that will one day produce the exquisite extra virgin olive oil that defines our estate's reputation.

  • Olive Groves

    Nestled amidst the breath taking Snowy Mountains, our olive groves at Snowy Mountain Estate flourish in the pristine natural environment, yielding the finest olives that form the foundation of our exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

  • Winter Paradise

    Snow blankets the olive farm, transforming it into a serene and picturesque winter landscape, with every olive branch coated in a shimmering layer of white.

  • Our Farm

    Perched in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, our farm at Snowy Mountain Estate is dedicated to the cultivation of premium olives and a select range of cold-climate produce, all of which contribute to the crafting of our exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

  • Our Olives

    At Snowy Mountain Estate, our Frantoio olives are nurtured in the pristine environment of the Snowy Mountains, where the cool climate and rich soil infuse them with a unique flavour profile, resulting in the exceptional quality that characterizes our extra virgin olive oil.

  • Our Cherry Trees

    Positioned alongside our olive groves at Snowy Mountain Estate, our cherry trees thrive in the cool mountain climate, producing succulent and flavorful cherries that are as vibrant as the surrounding landscape, adding a touch of seasonal delight to our farm.

  • Olives Ready

    These carefully harvested olives await their moment to be transformed into the liquid gold that is our exceptional extra virgin olive oil, a true reflection of the pristine environment that surrounds us.

  • Crafting Excellence

    At Snowy Mountain Estate, our artisanal method of extra virgin olive oil production involves a precise and intimate approach, resulting in an unparalleled and distinct flavour profile in every bottle.

  • Harvesting Time

    Amidst the idyllic olive groves of Snowy Mountain Estate, the annual olive harvest is a labour of love, where skilled hands carefully pluck the ripe fruit, ensuring each olive is primed for the creation of our exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

  • Scenic Olive Groves

    The olive groves at Snowy Mountain Estate are not just a source of exceptional olives; they also offer a breath taking vista, where the lush, orderly rows of trees against the backdrop of the Snowy Mountains create a truly picturesque and serene landscape.