Gold Medal Winner

Sydney Royal 2016 Fine Food Show

  • 715 Warrens Corner Rd, Numeralla NSW Australia
  • (02) 6453 3078

Gold Medal Winner

Sydney Royal 2016 Fine Food Show

Our Nursery

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Cold Climate Nursery

Our Nursery located in Numeralla, provides and array of cold climate and Frost proof trees for cold climate areas. Grown and raised in a cold climate our trees are best suited for all high altitude areas and anywhere below the snow line.

All our trees are frost hardy and have proven to handle temperatures down to -7C. They are snow proof and are acclimatised to high altitude frost conditions.

We are one of the closest Nursery’s to the Alpine snowline and cater for small and large orders.

If you live in Canberra, Snowy Monaro, inland Victoria or anywhere at high altitude, our trees will suit your environment perfectly.

We provide many types from Fruit trees to Australian Natives.

Fruit trees are Figs, Grapes, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Plum, Olives – Frantoio.

Australian Natives consist of Lightning Pine Trees perfect for use as a quick growth wind breaker, and eucalyptus trees are also available for bush restoration projects.

Contact us by calling 02 645 33 078 or via contact form so we may assist you with your order.